Ski raid

Chamonix - Zermatt  •  115 € *

The ski touring opens up huge ski areas to us !
Away from the crowds, into a deep and high alpine wilderness, get ready to attack the virgin, wild couloirs. A wide variety of routes are available to you in this paradise of the backcountry skiing. Combining departures on skis touring from the top of the lifts, you will enjoy at maximum the descent in the Mont Blanc area.

4000 meters Sas Fee  •  115 € *

An ideal spot for lovers of ski touring!
From beginner to expert, this magical massive offers many snowy peaks to you. Tremendous place for cheese and more specifically Reblochon, we will taste it to ending up our great day! Often we'll find an excellent snow.

Expression free  •  115 € *

If you have a dream big enough not to lose it... just realize it on our side!
Our goal: advise you and assist you for the success of your adventure.
Flash ideas: around the Grand Paradise Valley Clarée, the domes of the Vanoise, the Oberland, the Wildstrubel...

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* The price is per day, per person (based on 4 participants) and includes:

Outside France - Compulsory - Individual insurance 4.10€ / person - including "assistance for repatriation".